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 2019 Player Statistics 
Before the start of the games this weekend, a moment of silence was held for
(1) the sudden passing of Andy Arjoon (Frank & Carol’s son) over the weekend,
(2) the tragic crash of an Ethiopian jet last week and (3) the senseless killing of
50 Muslims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.


More information on Andy’s funeral arrangements will be made available
later on this week. Frank, we are deeply pained and words are of no help
in expressing the sorrow the MAA feels at this moment.

Our sincere condolences!








It was great seeing Alan Sampson again. Alan came by to support his old
team mates. Alan, you are always welcome to drop by and spend some
time with us.
Our President (forefront) always takes a nice picture.
That's why he is our leader..lol


ONE FAMILY  26  vs  JUMP & WAVE  32

Jump & Wave led the first half 17-10 and went on to win by six games.
Sunil Ramlochan & his partner Kelvin Rampersad put on an outstanding
performance winning on table 3 (12-6). As a matter of fact, this pair won
the most bullseyes (12) for the day and are now in the lead for the Most
Bullseyes AwardCongrats, guys!

Omar telling Terry & Sunil how they're putting 'plenty' licks on Chutney Soca. 



Strong performances from Shavan Ali & Danny Ali (10-5) and Darren
Maharaj & Ron Ramberran (9-5)  made this an easy contest for Saints.
Chutney Soca never recovered from trailing at the half (17-11). The
Saints went marching home all the way without a fight.

Ram is telling Harry about the days he used to play for the Dallas Cowboys.
It's nice to fantasize sometimes. Never hurts anyone.

One man who is not willing to share. He missed the cards, the lime and
especially the food and drinks. Right, Vijay?


ICCA   21  vs  WISA  33

WISA was awarded 7 extra bullseyes because ICCA was one table short.
As a result, it was an easy win for WISA. The extra bullseyes certainly
help WISA plus/minus ratio.


It's Poui Season in Trinidad & Tobago!!
The start of the All Fours season in Winnipeg coincides
every year with the start of the poui season in T&T.
Mount Hope
Going to Maracas Bay
The beautiful poui trees of Trinidad & Tobago.
 What's your favourite colour? Tough to choose, eh.


Players are responsible for the accuracy of their scores at all times.
Permission to add bullseyes and hang
jacks after the bell has rung
will not be allowed or tolerated. Captains, it is also your duty to
ensure that your team scores agree with the board during half time.
As well, members are urged to reconcile their scoring sheets with
the score board from time to time.

At no time is anyone, except for the scorer, allowed to write in any
new scores or make adjustments to the scoreboard. If you have to
make a correction, please do so through the scorer only and no one else.

Thank you for your full co-operation in this matter.







 Rank #1.  (2-1)

Current odds: Even. In spite of losing their match last week, the team
remains at the number one position. T
hey play Saints (2-1) next. The
winner of this match could move on to be the next league champions.
These two teams should provide us with a Sunday of intense
competition. Get a ringside seat early.


  Rank #2.  (2-1)

Current odds: 2 - 1. Won their last match. They would have to win
their remaining matches and hope that One Family loses at least one
match for any chance of winning/retaining the league championship.
"Do or Die' situation as WISA plays Chutney Soca next. 


 Rank #3.   (2-1) 

Current odds: 5 - 2.  They destroyed one of the top contender last
week and are showing great form
.  But this week's opponents are no
pushover as they play One Family, the number one team in the league.
The stakes are high and neither team can afford to make mistakes.
Difficult to call this one.


Rank #4.   (2-1) 

Current odds: 3-1. Played a brilliant game. Finished very strong
Looking to make it three in
a row against ICCA this Sunday.
They are the dark horse in this race. Guys, keep up the good work
and best of luck.


Rank # 5.  (1-2)

Current Odds: 7-2: Had a terrible outing the last time. The
team was flat from the get go. They play WISA next and Khemraj
said he will buy his players drinks if they should win. The players
just love the way he motivates the team. 


 Rank # 6.   (0-3)  

Current odds: 20 - 1:  Even though they are out of contention, they
could still play the role of spoilers. Actually they are not that bad a
team. If they can bring out a solid team next Sunday, anything can


Teams will be evaluated on an ongoing basis as more
information is gathered. Good luck to all! 



The President stressed that there will be zero tolerance of any type of unruly behaviour.

Physical abuse will not be tolerated.

Depending on the severity of the incident involved, a player could be suspended for
one or more games. A committee will be formed to determine the level of suspension
for the person(s) involved within 7 days or less. A second infraction by the same
person(s) will automatically result in a ban of one year from the MAA.



 Alcoholic consumption

Drinking outside the premises on Fife is strictly prohibited. As well, no one is to
bring their own private stock of liquor for consumption on or off the premises.
If caught (unmarked police cars have been watching us for the last two years),
Ken Mungal will definitely lose his liquor licence and as a  consequence there
could be a strong possibility that the MAA will fold.
Use of Cannibis
In the city of Winnipeg, you are allowed to consume cannabis on your personal
property. Outside the CCOM building on Fife is not considered to be personal.
If you are caught by the MAA, you will be suspended from playing cards that
same day. The laws of the province are very strict about smoking pot and must
be adhered to at all times. We are a licenced non-profit company that is incorp-
orated every year. We have to abide by all rules and can not afford the risk
of being caught. Please act responsible and govern yourself accordingly.

1) All games start at 1:00 p.m. sharp. For the late comers the 5-10-15 minute
start time rule will be put in place.


2) If the regular player arrives after 15 minutes, all stats will be credited to
the starting pair for that day


 3) When the half is called, players are allowed a 20 minute breakCaptains
will mark the start time of the 2nd half on the board. 


4) With the reduced games we have also reduced the number of time outs
from 3 per half to 2 per half, each consisting of 4 minutes long.
Failure to report back to your table within the required 4 minutes will
result in a bullseye for the opposing team. Guys, we are serious this year.


5) Turning in complete and signed game summary sheets to the statistician,
ensuring that all the data is transposed legibly and accurately from the master
scoreboard to the summary sheet. Captains must sign the score sheets.


6) We will ring the bell only once at 5:50pm (no more bell ring at
6:00 p.m.). At this point no new games can start. Any games in progress
will be finished. In the event the match results in a tie, all 4 tables will sit
back down and the first team to sing a bullseye will win the match.
Special thanks to Omar Maharaj for moving over the files from the old
website to this website and for his support in assisting the Webmaster.
As well, thank you Omar for helping out teams that are in need of players.
The MAA would like to thank its members for their support and assistance
 before, during and after games. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
 Brazil Carnival 2019 - in Sao Paulo  
SPECTACULAR  video... as always!!!
 Even the drone is in costume!  See if you can spot it
Great floats, wonderful costumes, incredible bodies, lots of eye candy!
Click on link below:




 They warned meh...but ah still married one...
ah guess ah just love licks.

 An indian Kanye West
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